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Your name is ALGORA CORVID.

You are well into your EIGHTH SWEEP, and your blood is an ALMOST OBNOXIOUS SHADE OF YELLOW. According to TROLL SOCIETY, this makes you KIND OF LOW CLASS, but unlike many of your fellow yellows, you DON'T ACTUALLY CARE. In your opinion, BLOOD DOES NOT MARK THE WORTH OF A TROLL. This is not an opinion shared by many, but you happen to know FOR A FACT that even the HIGHEST OF BLOODS can and has committed the most HEINOUS OF CRIMES. Of course, this is TROLL SOCIETY we're talking about, not MAGIC TALKING PONY SOCIETY, so obviously everyone will commit some PRETTY HEINOUS ACTS. But only YOU can DIG DEEP and get to the FACTS and the TRUTH OF THE MATTER.

You aspire to be a JOURNALYNCHER, troll reporters renowned for DIGGING UP DIRT on EVERYONE IN TROLL SOCIETY. You are aided in this goal by your PSYCHIC POWERS, which work on PRETTY MUCH EVERYBODY. Just by TALKING TO SOMEONE, whether IN PERSON or OVER TROLLIAN, you can tell when someone is LYING, and can also UNCONSCIOUSLY make them feel COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE in talking to you. With a few WELL-AIMED QUESTIONS, and sometimes even WITHOUT ANY PROMPTING AT ALL, you can get people to tell you ANYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW, including their DEEPEST, DARKEST SECRETS. They don't even realize they've SPILLED ALL THE MOTHERFUCKING BEANS to you until they stop talking to you and walk away. The only possible way to STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING is to NEVER talk to you in the FIRST PLACE, which is PRETTY HARD since you are REALLY NICE and like to SAY HI to EVERYBODY. Also, TO BE FAIR, it's NOT EXACTLY YOUR FAULT, since it's not like you can ever TURN OFF your powers or anything. You try to COMPENSATE for the fact that NO ONE CAN LIE TO YOU by NEVER LYING TO ANYONE. It was PRETTY HARD at first, but you've REALLY GOTTEN GOOD AT IT.

Sometimes you TAKE ADVANTAGE of the fact that you KNOW A LOT OF JUICY STUFF about PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE YOU TALK TO by occasionally TRADING INFORMATION. But only the LITTLE STUFF. Not the REALLY BIG SECRETS. Just because people UNINTENTIONALLY trusted them to you doesn't mean they weren't TRUSTED to you. You have to TAKE CARE of them.

This doesn't stop you from having a bit of an OBSESSION for KNOWING AS MUCH AS YOU CAN about PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING GOING ON IN TROLL SOCIETY CURRENTLY. This obsession USED to extend to wanting to know about EVERYTHING EVER, which made you a PRETTY VORACIOUS READER when you were younger. You ESPECIALLY LOVED the books of TROLL JANE AUSTEN, who wrote some PRETTY FABULOUS BOOKS about TROLL SOCIETY IN THE PAST. You even JOINED A BOOK CLUB, where you met your MOIRAIL. Back then your ABILITIES weren't as DEVELOPED as they are now, and it took you by SURPRISE when he suddenly CONFESSED BEING PALE for you. That was okay though, you were feeling PRETTY PALE FOR HIM TOO, and though you haven't managed to FILL ANY OTHER QUADRANTS, you don't really mind because your MOIRALLEGIANCE is just SO EXCELLENT.

Sure, he tends to TALK A LOT ABOUT HIMSELF, but people TEND TO DO THAT around you. You're USED TO IT. It does tend to keep you from TALKING ABOUT YOURSELF, but you DON'T MIND. You don't seem to have NEARLY AS MANY PROBLEMS as HE DOES, and really, in the face of ALL HIS PROBLEMS, yours do seem a little SILLY by comparison.

You don't read FICTIONAL NOVELS anymore, though. You're FAR more concerned with the TRUTH, so you read the NEWSPAPER instead, as well as your ANCESTOR'S DIARY, which is far more INTERESTING than any FICTIONAL NOVEL anyway. Your ancestor was KNEE-DEEP in PLOTS AND INTRIGUE. It's really FASCINATING READING, and you can TELL that it's ALL TRUE, which makes it EVEN BETTER.

Your trolltag is corvusRecorder, and you tend to talk !n k!nd of an exc!ted ramble, but you try to stay grammat!cally correct. Your FETCH MODUS is based off of a newspaper's CLASSIFIEDS SECTION, and to get anything out of it, you have to write a SHORT OBITUARY for whatever you need. Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is PENKIND, since you have a very nice PAIR of your ANCESTOR'S PENS which are, of course, MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD. But they are sometimes DAGGERS. Oops.

Oh yeah and your LUSUS is a CROW. She's PRETTY ANNOYING, because she's REALLY LOUD and sometimes NEVER SHUTS UP, and she has a NASTY HABIT of GRABBING EVERYTHING SHINY THAT SHE EVER SETS HER EYES ON, and you've had to return stuff to your neighbors more than once. It's a LITTLE EMBARRASSING. But she's nice and you wouldn't trade her for ANYTHING.


Sep. 15th, 2011 01:15 am
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Name: Waffle
Contact: lilithnightwalker @ gmail . com or theatrechocolate on AIM

[UNIVERSE] The MINDBENT session, which is an almost vanilla Alternia, but without the canon Sgrub game or any of the canon trolls or their ancestors. There is no Doc Scratch or Lord English. Instead the First Guardian of Alternia is a strange being called SEÑOR VERDE.


Name: Algora Corvid
Role: Seer of Truth
Species: Alternian Troll, yellow blood (#FFE600).
Age: 9 solar sweeps, or about 18 human years.
Online Handle: corvusRecorder
Type/Speech: algora speaks in her obnoxious blood color (#FFE600) w!th a pretty fr!endly, exc!ted ramble. she uses no cap!tal letters, but correct punctuat!on and replaces the letter i w!th an exclamat!on po!nt.

However, Algora has a b!t of a san!ty problem as the game goes on. For the most part, !t's !mposs!ble to tell, except her typ!ng qu!rk beg!ns to change. She starts to cap!tal!ze properly, and always cap!tal!zes the words Truth and all var!at!ons of the word See.

When she is finally completely insane, the exclamation points are gone and she types completely properly, still capitalizing the words Truth and See. This will all be explained further in the app.

Strife Portfolio: Algora has a pair of pens used by her ancestor, The Inquisitor, which are glitched into daggers. So she is penkind and daggerkind.

Psychic/Magic/Other Abilities: As a lowblood, Algora does have a psychic ability. It's subtle, but actually pretty dangerous. She is able, just by talking with people, to make them feel completely comfortable talking with her, and entirely trusting of her. This causes them to spill pretty much every secret they have, without even realizing they're doing it or that it's probably not a good idea. In fact, it's not until the conversation ends and Algora leaves or stops talking to them that they realize just how much they've revealed. It works both in person and over chat programs like Trollian.

This is the kind of ability that will need a permissions post, which I will make. In addition, the ability is less reliable on trolls outside of her session. Also when speaking with humans, the only effect it would have would be to make them feel comfortable talking to her, with no added trust and secret spilling.

Derse or Prospit: Prospit.

SBURB Powers: As the Seer, Algora's role is a support role, tactical and strategic.

Consorts and Imps: Algora's consorts are butterflies. They come in every color of the rainbow and when they speak, it's so quiet that you can only hear them if they're fluttering right next to your head. They only ever speak to Algora.

Her imps carry pens and notebooks and blurt out random stupid questions, like "what is your name?" and "do you like cheese?"


Personality: Algora is friendly and an excellent listener. She is eager to help out if you have troubles weighing you down, but never oppressively so. Of course, that's all part of her psychic ability to oh god what am I writing.




Action log:

==> Action log: Begin!!


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